Male Extra : Review & Benefits & How Does Extra Work?

What is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a unique and potent combination of natural ingredients that all work to improve every aspect of your sex life. This UK manufactured supplement has become a best seller and guarantees results within 60 days or your money back.

The official website describes the formula as a complete male enhancement system and evidence suggests that you can add as much as two inches to the length of your erect penis over the course of six months. That’s on top of better orgasms, stamina, energy, and a higher libido.

The Science of MaleExtra™

MaleExtra™ harnesses the power of pure ingredients to give you stronger erections and better endurance. The key ingredient in the MaleExtra™ formula is Pomegranate 70% ellagen derived from a beneficial fruit called the pomegranate. You may know the pomegranate by its tart-sweet juice, rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

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Pomegranate 70% ellagen combats erectile dysfunction by raising the level of nitric oxide in the blood, resulting in increased flow to erectile tissues. Your erection will get harder and stay harder. And while no pill can magically increase the size of your penis by itself, increasing blood flow on a regular basis can increase penis size — both flaccid and erect.

How do Male Extra pills work?

Research has proven that the most natural and effective way to improve erections is by increasing the body’s production of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide helps to dilate blood vessels, specifically in the penile tissues, and increase blood flow.

Male Extra contains not one, but four, ingredients that help in this area;

  • Pomegranate Ellagic 40% known as ‘natures viagra’ not only increases Nitric Oxide, which helps give longer, harder erections, but also increases sexual desire and is thought to significantly boost the libido.
  • L-Arginine an amino acid that naturally increases Nitric Oxide as it breaks down within the body. As well as this, Male Extra also contains ingredients vital to male health and cell development;
  • Zinc recommended by health professionals for men’s overall health and important for the healthy production of sperm and semen. It is also thought to help improve the male orgasm.
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) MSN deficiencies can contribute towards weak and deformed cells. MSN is particularly important for penis health.

But that’s not all, Male Extra is a complete male enhancement system, and as well as all the ingredients above, it also contains Creatine and Cordyceps; both extremely popular with athletes and helps boost energy and improve physical performance.

Cordyceps in particular is thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac that increases libido and has been used to treat erectile dysfunction as a standalone supplement.

Is it effective?

All of the ingredients within the MaleExtra formula have been proven effective and safe to consume. They are all offered at exactly the recommended quantities and dosage for full efficiency and the best possible results.

Customers are already singing Male Extra’s praises online and what little neutral feedback there is is largely from customers at the beginning of their trial period.

In a clinical trial into Male Extra in the UK, specifically, customers were reported as having an average increase in erection size of 0.8 inches after two months, 1.1 inches after three months, and an impressive 2.6 inches after a six month period.

Get rock-hard and ready to go with Male Extra ™!

Do you have trouble becoming fully aroused? Are you ashamed of a small, soft erection? Do you wish you could approach sex with more confidence? Science has produced a truly effective solution for men everywhere. MaleExtra™ is a unique supplement specially formulated to help men achieve their full penile potential.

MaleExtra™ can give you and your partner the results you need. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Get full, hard erections you can feel.
  • Enjoy increased stamina and all-night staying power.
  • Watch as increased blood flow becomes increased size.
  • Experience intense orgasms and bigger ejaculations.
  • Satisfy your sex partner and improve your sex life!

Are there any side effects?

All of the ingredients in Male Extra are safe and there have been no reported side effects. The formula is natural and entirely drug free and all the ingredients work safely together.

The Male Extra ™ Guarantee

Experience better sex, guaranteed! If you don’t experience real results — bigger, harder erections and a better sex life — you get your money back. Just try MaleExtra™ for the prescribed 90 days, and if it has not changed your life for the better, return the unused portion for a full refund.

Why you should order Male Extra?

For most men, the opportunity to improve their sexual prowess is one not to be missed. Whether it’s a bigger erection, a higher libido, or more intense orgasms, we all want to be better in the bedroom. Aside from its obvious benefits, sex is important to our overall health; it boosts the immune system, burns calories, lowers the risk of heart attack and improves sleep.

A lacklustre sex life can be have a disastrous impact on your relationship and while it’s true that size really doesn’t matter, a couple of extra inches and a stronger and harder erection can give a huge confidence boost.

While most penis enlarging supplements and products focus on exactly that, penis enlargement, Male Extra includes ingredients that help boost your sex drive, maintain harder erections, and have more pleasurable orgasms.

Is there a Male Extra Coupon Code?

Male Extra is available to buy online through the official website, and with our exclusive discount code: Sale20 – you can get  20% OFF the retail price. You will also find some fantastic multi-buy purchases on the site, saving you some serious money if you buy more than a one month supply.